Letter From Management


We have spent +17 years building the company focusing on cost effective and high quality professional engineering services. Although we appreciate our history, the majority of our time is spent forging ahead for the future, by advancing our skills, staying on the cutting edge of technology and fulfill market needs. We have a clear vision, a common sense of direction and a culture of performance and delivery. Our aim is to create a successful, sustainable company for the long term.

We have been surrounded by messages about sustainability in every aspect of our lives. Here at EVRMaC, we are proud to have embraced a three-tiered approach incorporating: living our values, excellent project delivery and sustainable growth. Each element is intertwined with each other, success in one element being dependent on achievement in the other two. It’s a challenge we’ve met throughout our history and will continue to meet with talent, creativity, and sensitivity.

We recognize that, in addition to our shareholders, customers, and employees, the environment is a silent stakeholder in our company, and we have an obligation to behave responsibly toward it. Through ongoing sustainability efforts, we are working – hand by hand – with our clients to increase efficiency, reduce waste and emissions, save water and energy throughout our activities.

Khaled Omar
M.D., Founder