CSR Principles


EVRMaC’s main objective regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to establish directions that ensure the presence of ethical criteria in operations, the respect of the individual and the protection of the environment across all our business initiatives and activity sectors. EVRMaC acts according to the following Corporate Responsibility principles:

  • Development of a CSR culture in all our subsidiaries.
  • Engagement in an ongoing dialogue on CSR and building of effective relationships of trust between shareholders, management and employees
  • Identification, measurement and reduction of our environmental footprint in the areas where our activities are based.
  • Promoting transparency in all our business units, transactions and operations.
  • Guaranteeing the best possible work environment as well as highest possible level of satisfaction for our people, through their participation in the Compnay’s ongoing growth.
  • Promoting the protection of Human Rights and – first and foremost – of the Rights at Work.
  • Our substantial and ongoing involvement in meeting the needs of local communities as well as of society at large.
  • Our participation in international CSR indices and standards, seeking to ensure the continuous improvement of our practices and to increase the added value of our operations
  • Seeking  continuous improvement and quality in our services, providing employees with the necessary systems to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Upgrade the R&D&I in the activities we carry out.
  • Collaboration in the economic and social development of the areas in which we act.