Our People


We’re always looking for bright, enthusiastic people to bring their talent to our team of experts in every sector around the world. EVRMaC Engineering considers its human resources a decisive factor in attaining its business goals and strategic vision.

Great emphasis is given in the recruitment and retention of competent professionals, by creating and maintaining an optimal, secure and stable working environment, providing competitive compensation and benefit schemes and by offering equal training and development opportunities. The main objective is that EVRMaC Engineering remains their first choice throughout their professional career.

Strategic priorities of the company are:

  •  Diversity – as a leading international player, EVRMaC Engineering needs outstanding teams of employees with a wide range of strengths and abilities and different cultural backgrounds.
  • Acting Locally – aiming to boost employment and contribute to the well-being of the local communities where it operates, EVRMaC Engineering actively supports the incorporation of local workforce teams into global scale projects.