Across the power, oil & gas , process & industry, and plant integrity sectors, we help our clients improve performance, enhance efficiency, increase quality and resilience of supply, cut cost and reduce negative environmental and social impacts.

Our global clients face rapidly changing business and regulatory environments. To meet these needs, they rely on the leading solutions we provide in customized planning, conceptual and detailed engineering. We also offer procurement assistance, construction management, startup assistance and commissioning assistance. We excel in both program management and asset optimization.

Behind the large pieces of equipment and heavy machinery, this is a people business. Our success and our clients’ successes are very much interconnected. Our global professionals are committed to building close relationships beyond the project. We consistently deliver quality, performance, safety, schedule certainty and sustained value.

We are Advisers.  Our multi-disciplined global team provides knowledge and effective solutions to a range of markets, drawing upon our history of excellence and technical knowledge in energy and buildings. By developing an intimate knowledge of their particular practices and issues, we can integrate an overall program strategy given their operational needs.

We are Innovators. As a fully integrated worldwide company, we move the best technologies to the point of need for our clients, no matter where they are around the globe.  Harnessing our local strengths and tapping into our worldwide network of experts, we provide client-oriented solutions featuring the latest strategies and advancements from around the world.