Software Solutions

AVEVA has been the world’s leading engineering software provider to the plant, power and marine industries for over 45 years. AVEVA have achieved this by continual and visionary technical innovation, working in close partnership with many of the world’s leading engineering companies. As a result, AVEVA is trusted to deliver not only the most powerful software tools available, but to put its customers’ long-term business interests at the heart of its technology development … Visit AVEVA Website
AVEVA’s unique technology supports the efficient design, construction and operation of complex engineering projects in the Oil & Gas, Power, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Chemical and Mining industries.

Solutions for the process plant and power industries
AVEVA offers a comprehensive range of productivity software and enterprise solutions for both Engineering Contractors (EPCs) and plant Owner Operators (OOs). Common to all is the ability to share data through the Digital Information Hub.
AVEVA Plant is an integrated suite of software for plant engineering and design. Built around AVEVA PDMS™ and AVEVA Everything3D™, it uses powerful object-centric technology and is the most productive engineering and design software solution available for the power and process plant industries.

Solutions for the Marine IndustriesAVEVA Marine.ashx
AVEVA’s solution for the shipbuilding and offshore industry integrates the disciplines of planning, logistics, materials and production, with those of design and engineering. It is a comprehensive range of the most advanced productivity software and enterprise solutions created specifically for the shipbuilding industry. These are specialised tools that embody specific shipbuilding expertise, not customisations of general-purpose manufacturing solutions.
Built around AVEVA’s Digital Information Hub, an integrated shipbuilding solution ensures that each shipyard function has the right information, materials and resources, when it needs them, to minimise project costs and delivery times and maximise overall productivity, profitability and competitive advantage.

We are AVEVA Sales Channel Partner in Egypt since 1998, and responsible for :

  • Product sales and technical support
  • Software Administration
  • Software Customization
  • Software Integration
  • Software Collaboration
  • Software Training