The success and profitability of an engineering company largely depends on its ability to change itself to meet the ever changing market requirements. The most important aspect in a project environment will be the quality of work and strict delivery schedules.

EVRMaC understands your short duration project requirements and help you outsource your software and human resource requirements such as PDMS Designers, Stress Engineers, Equipment Designers, Process Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Draftsmen. The service can be performed at your premises as “On-Site” services.

EVRMaC uses industry’s best practices to produce high quality engineering services and offers its expertise in various engineering disciplines. By outsourcing to EVRMaC, you can:

  • Benefit from technological skills and expertise to increase efficiency
  • Reduce costs by lowering processing time and expense, eliminating capital investment
  • Improve the way your organization deals with the peaks and valleys of project requirements
  • Enhance your focus on core engineering activities